Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Be good, Gypsy Dog!

Here are some of the first shots taken with our new Canon 350D.

Awwww... we're gonna miss this little boy. With a face like this, who wouldn't??

Monday, July 10, 2006

3 more sleeps... London!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wolf on the loose

You read it right, there is an Arabian wolf on the loose in a very residential area of Dubai at the moment! Apparently there haven't been sightings of this extremely rare animal in the UAE for the last 25 years, but at the moment it's hanging out in the streets of a neighbourhood just a few kilometres away from where we live.

Those who have seen the wolf have said that it seems domesticated which means it's very likely been kept as an 'exotic pet'.

Speaking of exotic pets. Today, Gypsy Boy and I saw a real live cheetah cub face to face. It was one of the most unexpected and fascinating encounters we've had. There were no barriers between us, and it was not caged, we simply stood 2 metres away from the domesticated cub that lay down watching us. What a fascinating, yet bizzare and controversial experience.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


After weeks of looking for the best deal and tossing up between Olympus and Canon, we bought the Canon 350D last night.

There are some pretty good summer sales on now, so it was perfect timing as we were looking to get an SLR camera to take on our Europe trip. We will still be taking our trusty, old point and shoot Canon ixus400, but this will be particularly good for those night shots and wide angles that the ixus can't handle.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Jumeira Mosque

Back in May, when MIL (i.e. Gypsy Boy's Mum) was in town, we visited the beautiful Jumeira Mosque - one of the most beautiful and hence, most photographed mosques in Dubai. It also opens its doors and runs tours twice a week to foster cultural exchange and understanding.

As a sign of respect, legs and shoulders should be covered and for women, a head scarf or shawl should also be worn. Our tour guides demonstrated and explained the ritual of washing ones feet, legs, hands, arms, face, ears and mouth before entering the mosque.

Once inside, we were free to take photos of the beautiful architecture while the guides spoke about the 5 pillars of Islam, and also demonstrated how a Muslim would pray. It was a fantastic opportunity that was interesting and insightful.