Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's a BOY! It's a BOY! It's a BOY!

We had the morphology scan over the weekend, and we were so happy to find out that all is well. To celebrate, we had ice-cream at Swensens before heading to Babyshop to buy a carseat, a pram and some clothes for BabyG.

Monday, May 21, 2007

BabyG Movements.

About a week ago, I rolled over in bed and I felt BabyG do a tumble roll too! Ever since, I've been feeling little rolls, nudges and kicks. Even Gypsy Boy has felt a couple of little movements with his hand on my belly.

I have to admit it freaked me out a little bit the first time I felt BabyG move, most probably because it was an actual roll and not just a small kick, but I'm getting quite used to the movements now. So far, I've noticed BabyG reacts to external sounds like beeping horns, music playing, or my singing! Probably trying to tell me something...

Looks like we've got a very active little gypsy on the way!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Music makes the world go round.

I love music! As a little girl, I used to listen to my Mum play the organ and sit beside her singing along to songs. When I was 4, she discovered that I could play by ear and decided to enrol me in Yamaha Music classes. Later, I got my very own piano and started piano lessons.

Over the years, I've been into all kinds of music and still enjoy listening to a wide variety of genres depending on what mood I'm in. My favourites would have to be Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop, and Classical. I also enjoy listening to soundtracks, and good old 80's and 90's music!

Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to be invited to see the Renaissance Chamber Orchestra of Armenia. The orchestra performed at the American University of Dubai and it was our first time there. The acoustics were [surprisingly] great and we really enjoyed the concert.

Tonight, we've got tickets to see Boyz II Men, followed by live DJ acts courtesy of Claude Challe and Pete Tong. What a blast from the past! I can't wait.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby Bash & Bangle.

On Sunday, Baby O turned 1 and I went along to his birthday party to celebrate with all his little friends. There were lots of cute babies and toddlers there, I wish I remembered to bring my camera! It was really nice to see all the kids playing with each other and also get to meet with and talk to lots of mothers.

Baby O's Mum did such a great job with making the cake and all the delicious food for the party. Gypsy Boy, who adores Baby O [I honestly don't know who wouldn't - he is the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen!], was meant to join us in the evening but couldn't make it as he had to spend the day working in Bahrain.

I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't notice how late it was and only just made it home 10 minutes before Gypsy Boy did! We took Gypsy Dog for a long walk and caught up on our day apart before he surprised me with a beautiful gold bangle he bought at Bahrain airport!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wacky dreams.

I've been having vivid and very eventful dreams lately, another one of those weird things that is said to go with pregnancy.

Last night, I dreamt I was playing poker on a gaming machine, except I wasn't in a casino. I was in my aunt's study, in her house in Kuala Lumpur. Also, it turned out I wasn't gambling with my own money but with one of my brother's! By the end of the night, it seemed like I'd only had huge wins so, excitedly I went downstairs to share the news with my brother. I got to the dining room of my aunt's place which seemed to have turned into some kind of gambling den where everyone was playing cards around the table. I found my brother and happily shared the news with him showing him all the money I'd won, then asked him how much cash there was to start with. He said $60, and I started to count the money in my hand. "But there's only $60 here" I said to him in disbelief. The rest of the family turned their attention to us and started to point the blame on one or two cousins saying they may have taken the money...

I woke up from this dream feeling very much like playing online poker. Funnily enough, I've never played online poker before! Anyway, there's none of that here as any form of gambling, including online gambling sites are banned in the UAE.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

17 weeks.

Almost halfway there! I've been advised that by this time, I should be 'glowing' and 'blossoming', but I'm neither and I've also accepted that I'm just not one of those women that do. In fact, I've lost weight. I'm now 36.5kg, and my normal ideal weight is 37-38kg [when I'm not preggers that is!]. Light, I know but I am as everyone puts it, tiny.

So, those of you who've been asking me for photos, you'll just have to wait a little while longer. I've been meaning to take photos of the 'bump' but I more or less look the same as I did before, maybe just a little thinner with a bit of a fat looking tummy. Charming, huh.