Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Baby Bash & Bangle.

On Sunday, Baby O turned 1 and I went along to his birthday party to celebrate with all his little friends. There were lots of cute babies and toddlers there, I wish I remembered to bring my camera! It was really nice to see all the kids playing with each other and also get to meet with and talk to lots of mothers.

Baby O's Mum did such a great job with making the cake and all the delicious food for the party. Gypsy Boy, who adores Baby O [I honestly don't know who wouldn't - he is the most gorgeous baby I've ever seen!], was meant to join us in the evening but couldn't make it as he had to spend the day working in Bahrain.

I was enjoying myself so much, I didn't notice how late it was and only just made it home 10 minutes before Gypsy Boy did! We took Gypsy Dog for a long walk and caught up on our day apart before he surprised me with a beautiful gold bangle he bought at Bahrain airport!


JOY said...

How spoilt are you?

Glad you made it to the birthday party. Did you get any advice and baby tips?

At least this was good practice for you watching all these children!

Duke said...

soon you will be planning your little one's bday party! Time flies so fast :)

aaawwww.. what a nice coming home gift from hubby!

GYPSY GIRL said...

Joy, I am very spoilt!! I was very surprised to receive a gift, and it wasn't even my Birthday or our Anniversary! Lots of brownie points for Gypsy Boy :-) Yep, also got lots of advice and baby tips at the party!

duke, I can't imagine planning a party for my little one just yet, let alone having a little one! I agree with you though, time does fly fast! You first - not long to go now huh? ;-)