Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Lucky for some.

On Friday the 13th, we set off on our weekend getaway to Abu Dhabi - the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. We dropped Gypsy Dog off at his best pal's, Groucho's, for his weekend of fun before starting our 90-minute drive to Abu Dhabi.

It's basically one straight road to the capital city from Dubai, and much of the scenery along this stretch is of 'the green belt' - basically cultivated greenery in what would otherwise be desert. As we approached the city, there were more villas, mosques and rows of small shops distantly resembling some of the smaller townships in Malaysia.

...the view from our room at the Hilton Abu Dhabi...

We arrived at the Hilton on the corniche which had gorgeous views of the Emirates Palace Hotel and the Marina Mall across the sea. I have to admit that the exterior of the hotel did look a bit dated and like something out of the 70's, but it couldn't be more different once we got inside and to our guest room.

Despite being the capital city, I found the pace of life a little slower and more relaxed compared to Dubai. The traffic didn't seem as bad and the city also seemed more developed, less crowded and generally well organised. We took it easy at the hotel once we arrived, before having a leisurely buffet lunch at the hotel's Thai restaurant then took a short drive across the causeway to the Marina Mall. the beach...

We didn't spend too much time at the mall, but just enough to check out Gap [as the one in Dubai is not open just yet!], and my all-time favourite one-stop home furnishing store, IKEA. We then retreated back to the hotel in time for an evening swim and to watch the sunset on the beach. the pool...

The rest of our stay was filled with relaxing by the beach and the pool, reading, and eating - including one of the best Italian meals we've had outside of Italy! We couldn't have asked for a more perfect long weekend getaway.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quack, quack!

According to my last monthly check-up at the obstetrician's a couple of weeks ago, I've put on a grand total of 3kg! This may not seem like much, but you definitely can't miss the baby bump now and I feel ginormous at 40kg. Funnily enough, I still weigh 3kg less than I did when I left NZ a year and a half ago which goes to show how overweight I was!

I've also seemed to have developed some of the lovely symptoms that go with the third trimester as we approach the home-run, such as painful ankles when I get up, leg cramps, and very sore and aching ribs on my right side. I have to say I still wouldn't trade any of these symptoms for the awful nausea of the first trimester.

Oh, and did I mention I am also starting to waddle?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Itchy Feet.

This time last year, we were getting ready to leave for our European Escapade, and what a trip it turned out to be! I've really missed travelling the last 6 months, and now at 27 weeks pregnant, it's really too late to fly anywhere.

Not to despair! We've got a short weekend getaway planned to Abu Dhabi which I know, does not sound all that exciting, nonetheless it's something we're both really looking forward to. I've never been to Abu Dhabi - a neighbouring emirate of Dubai and the capital of the UAE - and Gypsy Boy is desperately in need of a well-earned break. We're also just looking forward to getting out of Dubai for a change of scenery, and a weekend of lounging at the hotel and beach in the garden city of the UAE.

Here's to what will probably be our last holiday as a couple in a while!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Every night at around 9.45pm BabyG stirs in anticipation for what feels like his big dance performance at 10.15pm. This has been going on since I first started feeling his movements at week 19. He moves quite a lot during the day as well, and the obstetricians we've seen have made comments such as 'a very active baby' and 'baby never stops moving'! I can certainly vouch for that. It really feels like he's dancing, and rearranging my organs while he's at it.

We're just amazed that he seems to have already developed his own little routine and punctuality. It looks like we're really going to have our hands full in a few months time!