Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Connected again.

Oh, it's good to be back online! Moving house meant changing ISP which was a bit of a pain as it took time with the usual running around and paperwork required to get anything cancelled or set up here. Worth it though in my book, as I can now access and Skype!


Milky Marmalade said...

Congrats on your new home. You've got access to Skype? Am so jealous!

DIC vs Etisalat. . .no comparison, is there?!

GYPSY GIRL said...

Thanks. It was a pleasant surprise to access Skype and yep, no comparison.

I think there's been talk that voip will be "available" as of next year though which will be good for you - if you're still around that is!

JOY said...

Hi stranger!

Glad to hear you are all settled in to your new Villa!

You will have to take some pics - where abouts is it?

Am sure you both (and the little one when he comes along) will be very happy there.

Email me when you can - I hate hassling you and know you are tired and must be exhausted after the move but would love to know how you are getting along.

PS I have no idea what Skype is!! You know me and computers - completely clueless!

GYPSY GIRL said...

Thanks Joy, I've just sent you an email! :-)

marina said...

Welcome home, gypsy girl :)

(Moving is a pain, bah. Glad that, thats over for you)