Sunday, June 03, 2007

On the move.

We're on the move again! Just within Dubai this time but into a place with a bit more room for a growing Gypsy family!

Having only lived in apartments during our married life together, we are extremely excited to be moving into a house. Or as they call it here, a 'villa'! Yes, very posh isn't it. Unfortunately though, it's more like a shoe box. Nonetheless, a villa it is, double-storey and with its own garden too!

I guess you could say it looks like we're settling down to family life.


JOY said...

So pleased you have found somewhere - you will have email me all the details!

I am sure you will make it "home" in no time and am sure you are thrilled to have your own garden - great for the little one!

marina said...

Hooray for the new home :) A change of scene, how lovely :)

GYPSY GIRL said...

Joy, we're so excited about the villa! Can't wait to have a garden! I'll email once everything settles down a bit.

Marina, the change of scene will be just lovely!