Monday, March 19, 2007

Doggy Date.

Gypsy Dog had his best friend Groucho over for the day, and like all the other times he has a doggy date with little Groucho, he is beside himself with excitement!

About half an hour before Groucho was due to arrive, I told Gypsy Dog "Groucho is coming!". Upon hearing this he darted from the comforts of the cushion in his room to the front door, tail wagging, then proceeded to sniff under the door. He then settled to wait for Groucho's arrival by the coffee table, never taking his eyes off the front door.

He didn't have to wait long, and both doggies played their hearts out. It's a bit like having two small children (boys of course!) in the house, with occasional time-out enforced when one gets a little too feisty when play fighting, resorting to treats for distraction, or confiscation of bones when one doesn't want to share!

It's the cutest thing though to see the both of them playing together or sleeping side by side. Groucho is the most adorable little white Westhighland Terrier. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos from today, but you can check out Groucho on his very own website here.


JOY said...

Awh isn't Groucho a cutie!

Glady Gypsy Dog has a friend in Dubai! I can just picture him getting all excited about his visitor!

Nice to have you back!

GYPSY GIRL said...

Groucho is SO cute. Gypsy Dog is thrilled to have him in his life and they are best buds! It's really cute watching them together, and having Groucho around has taught Gypsy Dog some manners and how to share his toys and also to give in to his little friend. It's really great!

Anonymous said...

Groucho and Gypsy Dog make a great combination and Gypsy Dog is very well mannered host and lets Groucho boss him around. Groucho decided that Marcel, GG and GB's house is actually his 'other home' and as soon as he sees where we are, becomes too excited for words and makes a mad dash for the front door. Thankfully, GG, GD and GB have a lot of patience as Groucho's manners aren't the best at times!!!